Ready Project Kits

[1] Assembeled & Tested PCB Boards:

This kit contains a one mother PCB board which is completely developed PCB board with circuit design and soldered all the components in it, and wiring also already done with interfaced sensors, devices, modules connected .

This PCB board is designed such way that it comprises two separate protion in a whole board. A Printed circuit area & General purpose board(GPB) area.

Printed Circuit Area: which contains the printed circuit area, It is specially designed for those components and circuit which needs high precision in soldering: and good skill in wiring a circuit. This portion contains regulated Power supply & filters circuit, MCU circuit with RESET and Crystal oscillator, RS232 Serial COM port & LCD display circuit.

GPB Area:This portion does not contain any wiring printed at all, it is manually done the sodered track & hook-up wire to design the circuit board for each component & wiring as per circuit requirement.

[2] Hardware Materials:

The hardware materials include a set of fully assembled and tested PCB boarrd as described above, along with a set of all interfacing devices,sensors,mdules and any other parts needed in project, which all are duly & properly connected in the circuit as per the circuit diagram

[3] Hardcopy Documentation:

The hardcopy contents include, a bill of material, circuit diagram, circuit voltage parameters for testing purpose, and one components’layout PCB diagram.

[4]Softcopy Documentation:

The softcopy contents include a brief project documentation, a brief project report, a power point presentation seminar, abstract, block-diagram, circuit-diagram and simulation ciruit with explanation and source code, all components datasheet, tutorials for programming ofmicrocontroller to various sensors & devices for better learning practice.

  1. One set of complete soldered & assembled printed circuit boards (PCBs) of Project.

  2. All sensors, modules & components set of project

  3. Pre-programmed Micro-controller

  4. Power point presentation of project

  5. Brief project report in word file

  6. Datasheet of all components

  7. All software set up required for project

  8. Project circuit diagram & PCB design file

  9. Simulation circuit run with code

  10. Programme code in C/C++/Arduino/Python file & Hex file

  11. A Brief explanation on project testing & working

  12. Micro-controller circuit with PIN explanation

  13. Details on all Major-Minor components of project

  14. Programming tutorial for more practice & learning on how to interface to various sensors & modules to Microcontroller processors.