1. One set of complete soldered & assembled printed circuit boards (PCBs) of Project.

  2. One set of unassembled printed circuit boards(PCBs) without soldered of Project.

  3. All major-minor components set of project

  4. A set of pre-programmed Micro-controller

  5. Power point presentation of project

  6. Brief project report in word file

  7. Datasheet of all components

  8. All software set up required in project

  9. Project circuit diagram & PCB design file

  10. Simulation circuit and code of Project

  11. Programme code & Hex file

  12. A Brief procedure on Project Assembling

  13. A Brief procedure on soldering the components in PCBs

  14. A Brief explanation on project testing & working

  15. Micro-controller circuit with PIN explanation

  16. Details on all Major-Minor components of project

  17. Programming tutorial for more practice & learning on how to interface various sensor & modules to the Microcontroller processors.


[A] Basic Electronics & Sensors

[B] Project System Design

[C] Software Development Tools

[D] Project Software Programming

[E] Documentation