Kirtan group provides services and solutions in the area of Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded Electronics & PLC Automation, Development, Engineering and Manufacturing Sectors together with our hardworking and dedicated engineers team having 5-25+ years of industry experience. Kirtan’s Lab provides support and solution to the engineering students and active learners for their academic, hobbyist and professionals project requirements, We provide a platform to build their projects based on latest technology trends in the area of Embedded system and Automation.

Project for Engineering Stream

  • Suitable for all academic level Diploma, B.E./B.Tech, M.E./M.Tech.
  • Solution to students in completing their projects in nearly all the Domains.
  • Major Project categories are most suitable for final year engineering projects.
  • Develop the projects along with the Students in accordance with their requirements from the internal guidelines.
Electrical Electronics Telecommunication
Power Electronics Instrumentation Bio-Medical
Software Mechatronics Aeronautical

Project categories Features

  • Advance Embedded electronics and automation system.
  • Advance technologies based project concept.
  • 500+ Projects concept.
  • Update every year based on latest technology trends.
  • Real time industrial exposure based project application.
Arduino AVR-ARM-PIC Raspberry Pi
IOT Robotics WiFi
RF-Zigbee Android-Bluetooth GSM-GPS
Bio-metrics Solar Environmental
Machine Learning Medical Instruments Healthcare Diagnosis
Motor Control Electrical System Power Electronics
Image Processing MatLab LabView
Python C/C++ JAVA

Project Package Features

  • Our project packages are suitable for almost all levels of academic students.
  • Build your project development skill through Do-it-Yourself, DIY Project Kits.
  • Our end to end support in your DIY Project development.
  • Fulfill all your project requirements along with complete documentation materials by our Ready Project Kits.
  • Online Project Training by our experts having 25+ years of industrial experience.
  • 1-1 interactive guidance through online project training.
  • Real time Project exposure with in depth training seasons.
  • You can also submit your Customized Project requirement. We will develop projects based on your concept and requirement.

Featured Projects